Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The night before

The last night of 2008. Hard to believe the year has gone by so fast. There were so many things I meant to do this year, too many to list.

So the goal for next year is to not have too many expectations and to take things as they come.

The snow has finally let up and given us a little breather. I think anyhow, they're forecasting more this weekend. I don't know if we'll ever get a chance to meet up with my family in Vancouver. Every planned effort has been thwarted by weather.

The weather didn't stop us from getting into Vancouver on Monday to catch the Moscow Ballet's performance of the Nutcracker at the Queen E theater. Imagine - a question about every 20-30 seconds for 2.3 hours. She was in awe with it all. Loved it so much. It really was funny. There was a couple in front of us that kept tossing looks back but c'mon, its a matinee, what do you expect? Someone is very excited to be starting ballet lessons next week.

On the knitting front I've stalled on Autumn Rose as I'm actually going to have to read the directions instead of just following the chart so what did I do? Cast on for Selbu Beret in Manos Silk Blend. Oh heaven, this yarn is fabulous. A bit big for this project but its lovely to touch and should make a nice cozy hat.

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