Saturday, December 13, 2008


We got to do the coolest thing today (other than go select our Christmas tree). There is a local monastery of Orthodox monks who make candles for churches all over Canada. Once a year they are allowed to sell them and the mill where I work is one place quite a few get sold, due to a church connection at work. Graciously they agreed to give us a tour of the monastery this year. You often see the monks walking down the road when you're driving into work or going home and I've always wondered about them, where they live and what they do. Today we got a small glimpse into their lives and it was truly wonderful.

We got to see where and how they make candles, wine, bread and their art, chapel and daily life. It was such a wonderful experience. They were so welcoming and humble. I brought Sophie along, thinking she would like to see how candles were made and they were so kind to this small wiggly person running around their monastery - which in itself is incredible as they built the entire thing themselves. The place was immaculate and every single thing in it had its place and purpose.

I still don't know how to upload photos so check out the uploaded photos on flickr. It really was special.

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