Sunday, December 14, 2008


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Oh its finally done. For the past few months I've been haunting the thrift stores collecting vintage ornaments to make a wreath like this one

After many sticks of glue, burnt finger tips and one rather sliced thumb (should have taken a photo of that - lots of blood) its finally done. There are still some gaps that I admittedly started to fill in with non vintage baubles but stopped m

yself because it didn't seem right. I'll fill in the gaps with those that I collect over time. There were actually some ornaments that I just had to put on the tree they were so fabulous. A 50 cent box of 9 ornaments of the most fabulous shades of Christmas, made in Eastern Germany. I was rather nervous putting it up, wondering if I'd have a big fall like pixiegenne but its still hanging on the wall and looking lovely. I lurv it.

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  1. That is a wonderful idea and beautiful, too. May it hang in splendor for many, many years!