Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I've finished stuff

Yes, its true. I have finished a few things.

First off, Selbu Modern. A hat that I have coveted for a while but am kind of meh with my final result. The problem? The yarn I selected, Manos Silk Blend, the most luscious thing you've ever touched, was not suited for this project. Too big of a gauge. But I stubbornly went ahead and made it and now instead of looking all dainty with flowers it looks like its on steroids. Oh well. Lesson learned.

Second, cranked out in less than two evenings, is a hat for a co-worker of mine who has decided to leave us for tons more money in the cold of Fort McMurray. So a hat seemed like the likely thing to make for him. Maybe he'll think of us down in the warm south while he's freezing his butt off up north. The cake we got him for his going away lunch tomorrow says "Don't worry, its a DRY cold".

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